Immediate reduction of
heating oil & natural gas
consumption free of charge*

Immediate reduction of
heating oil & natural gas
consumption free of charge*

*financed through energy saving


20% – 35% Energy cost reduction for oil and gas heating – financed through consumption savings

With the energy-saving systems from EcoEnergy Swiss, existing oil and gas heating systems can be retrofitted to reach reduction of energy consumption by up to 35%, and emissions of CO2, NOX and particulate matter are reduced to such an extent that the emissions are well below the existing emission standards.


Energy savings in rental properties may now be financed through ancillary costs

Owners of rental properties now benefit from the new VMWG Art. 6c Energy Saving Contracting Act, which the Federal Council put into effect on June 1, 2020.

EcoEnergy Swiss is member of Swissesco, the association for energy saving contracting (


Reduction of the energy requirement for stationary, maritime, and mobile diesel engines – financed by energy savings only

The Emulsator® from EcoEnergy Swiss reduces fuel consumption of diesel engines by 10% – 25%.

Starting position

Fossil fuels are major factors in climate pollution and global warming

Although more climate-friendly technologies such as solar and wind power energy as well as heat pumps are increasingly replacing fossil fuels, latter can hardly be dispensed with in the 21st century.

This is especially true in less developed areas (e.g. mountain areas) and for large consumers (industrial process heat) as well as stationary, maritime and mobile diesel engines.

Most countries have committed to drastically reducing CO2 emissions by 2050.


Climate change is being discussed around the world. The CO2 emissions are too high. The earth is warming up. The known consequences are:

Global warming

The oceans are warming up and acidifying, the “eternal” ice is melting, sea levels are rising and the risk of flooding increases.


The air on the earth’s surface is getting warmer, the CO2 content in the atmosphere is increasing, the climatic conditions are changing, and the risk of severe storms increases.


The climatic changes have a strong influence on the ecosystems and biodiversity is decreasing.


The enormous consumption of resources, especially of oil and natural gas, means that these are only sufficient for a few generations.


Our vision


Our energy-saving products can reduce fossil energy consumption and the associated emissions without cash investments – they are financed by energy consumption savings alone


This has led us to devote all our efforts to the energy-saving products described hereafter


You too can get involved in this topic















Who We Are

We share a common interest in reducing fossil fuel consumption worldwide and reducing environmentally harmful emissions.


Dr. Michael Oser

CEO, mechanical engineer ETH

Head of Engineering
Former CEO of a Swiss plant manufacturer


Kurt E. Stieger

Head of Sales & Marketing

Sales professional with a focus on building technology and digitization
Founder of Oeconomic Service AG


Daniel Maissen

CFO, Head of Finance

Business economist HWV/MBA
Former CFO of Walter Meier Holding AG

100% money-back guarantee

EcoEnergy Swiss offers a 100% money-back guarantee if the guaranteed annual savings are not achieved within 12 months.


Can I seriously check energy savings?

Can I seriously check energy savings? Yes, there are several ways to do this: The energy savings can be recorded with a heat meter, for example. The annual oil or gas savings in real estates can also be easily determined by comparing it with the heating degree days of the previous year (source MeteoSwitzerland, available at, Rent & Purchase). It is important that measurements are taken exactly 12 months after installation to obtain a comparable period of use. The exhaust gas temperature can also be an indicator of improved efficiency.

Clean. Economical. Efficient.

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