HTS High-Temperature Storage Unit

HTS High-Temperature Storage units made of ceramic have been tested in practice for use in heating systems since 2006 and have been used successfully ever since. It is a product for storing thermal energy and can be used in any oil or gas boiler of a heating system with a horizontal fan burner.


Savings potential:


HTS High-Temperature Storage units reduce fuel consumption by 6% – 25%, depending on the type and mode of operation of the system.

Effective costs for heating and hot water preparation are reduced significantly, immediately and permanently.

The way it works is both simple and effective. The HTS High-Temperature Storage unit is heated by the flame energy while the burner is running. When the burner turns off, the boiler temperature usually drops immediately and rapidly.

With the HTS High-Temperature Storage unit, on the other hand, the stored thermal energy is continuously transferred to the boiler after the burner has been turned off. This delays the repeated turning on of the burner, what saves energy and sustainably reduces operating costs of the burner.


Boiler without HTS High-Temperature Storage unit


Boiler with HTS High-Temperature Storage unit

Further effects that contribute to the reduction of fuel consumption are the deflection of the heat flows to the boiler walls and consequently the better heat transfer and the turbulent air flow, which leads to an improved combustion of the gases. This not only brings savings in consumption, but also substantially reduces emissions.

The effects mentioned are confirmed by a study of the Gas-Heat Institute, Essen (GWI). There also exist confirmations of the TÜV SÜD, which prove that installations of the HTS technology has not resulted in any damage to the boiler or burner, even after years.

Reference- and test installations


Brewery Waldhaus


Hotel Alpina Klosters


Hotel Glockenhof Zürich

Installation of the HTS High-Temperature Storage unit

Installation of the HTS High-Temperature Storage unit takes just a few hours.

Large boilers should cool down for at least one day so that the combustion chamber can be accessed. In order to avoid production shut-downs, the installation can also take place on weekends.

The installation is preferably carried out after the chimney sweep has cleaned the boiler and the burner has been turned off.

After installation, the heating system can be put back into operation as usual.


Installation examples

  • Villa Sommerlath (brother of the queen Silvia of Sweden)
  • Hotel Alpina, Klosters
  • Hotel Glockenhof, Zürich
  • Brewery Waldhaus, Black Forest Germany
  • and many more

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