Savings guarantee


Energy-saving products finance themselves

You only have to pay when you have already saved the money due to lower energy expense!

Rental property:

As an energy-saving contractor according to Art. 6c VMWG, EcoEnergy Swiss finances the use of energy-saving products via the rental ancillary expense for up to 10 years, with guaranteed annual consumption savings.

Industry and other major fuel consumer:

The payback period is between 8 and 24 months. The payments scheme of the sales contract is staggered in such a way that payments are due after cost savings have already been accomplished.

Wohn- und Gewerbeliegenschaften & Klein-Verbraucher:

EcoEnergy Swiss finances the use of energy-saving products for all other properties through consumption savings (max. 7 years), whereby the annual guaranteed consumption savings will be considerably higher than the annual contracting fees.


The payback period depends on the consumption and size of the heating system. Industrial companies and other large-scale consumers usually achieve an amortization period between 8 and 24 months, while residential and commercial properties typically have an amortization period of 5 to 10 years due to lower fuel consumption. The Energy Saving Contracting Act, Art. 6c VMWH, allows a contracting term of up to 10 years. By making use of this duration, energy-saving products can also be used economically for heating systems with smaller annual fuel consumption.

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